Touch a new era Force Touch

IFA is done, will soon meet Apple’s annual event. Apple released the 6s big recruit should be Force Touch. The arrival of this technology may be for the mobile interaction created a new era.

Competition must be the future trend, just three days before the Force Touch or Apple’s sole function, but Mate S listed changed all that. Huawei has rectified time before Apple first released the carrying Force Mate S Touch function. It seems that these two battles will continue for a long time in the future.

Force Touch is pressure Touch technology, the technique can identify the direction perpendicular to the screen on the screen size of different power, and to achieve a different action. That is to say, depending on the magnitude of the pressure screen to identify different instructions. The upcoming release of the iPhone 6S and Mate S principle basically the same.

Current from Huawei Mate S point of view, only the configuration in the high-end version of built-in 128 g body storage at the same time. So the price must be high, conference revealed that carry Force Touch function version listed in November, the price is not released.

Now leading enterprises TPK Touch screen with the aid of the Force Touch has returned to the iPhone’s supply chain. TPK released on September 3rd August revenue broke through 11.8 billion nt dollars. You can see the Force Touch technology still lead the whole industry.

HTC company will sell Shanghai factory

Before, in order to reduce spending, HTC announced it would cut 15% of its worldwide. Today, Taiwan media revealed that the company will sell mobile phone manufacturing factory is located in Shanghai, to further cuts in spending.

It is understood that HTC’s current financial situation is very worrying, 2015 second quarter loss of more than $200 million, have to stop in time, otherwise the company will soon be into the abyss. , HTC is currently planning to sell at a factory in Shanghai, the negotiations have been in the works, to take over the manufacturer’s name is not revealed, but what is clear is that the manufacturer from China, and main business is also a smart phone.

According to reports, this plan is HTC CEO MS wang himself, if plan well, sell factory funds to the account will be very fast. In 2009, HTC has set up a factory in Shanghai, at a cost of $32.2 million.

After released the news, HTC’s shares rose slightly, or 0.4%. At present, the market and consumers are waiting for HTC’s new flagship, it is understood that the machine will be named “HTC O2“, I do not know can you pick up the slack for the company.

Apple also want to enter the field of virtual reality?

According to the U.S. trademark and Patent Office announced in July 23, according to a list of apple also received a similar to Google patent of Cardboard, suggests that apple has drawn up a plan to enter the field of augmented reality. Patent title reserved for “portable digital device screen head-mounted display device”, patent description wrote: “use the head-mounted device, the user can view multimedia resources through the portable digital device. Such as the user interaction can be inserted into a personal digital devices, such as the iPod or iPhone equipment, and through the cable to connect the head-mounted device”. In the patent show using an iPod Touch, the network connection is not must function.

Natural apple wants to make of this equipment is suitable for various iPod, wrote in her description of “another implementation in this patent cases, the portable digital device may be exclusive media player, such as apple’s iPod product line, including Touch, the Nano, Classic” and other products.

The iPhone 6s and exposure: speed life will improve

9 to5mac website reported that, according to the sources for the iphone prototype motherboard pictures, 6s apple for the next generation of mobile phone will use “MDM9635M” chip developed by qualcomm. This chip, also known as the “Gobi 9×35” chip, with the current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus compared to use “9×25” chip, the chip has a lot of improvement in performance, its theory LTE downlink rate twice as fast.

From the numerical point of view, 9×35 chip LTE download theoretical peak is 300 megabits per second, and at present the 9×25 iPhone 6 to 150 MBPS. In actual use, the download speed is likely to be close to 225 MBPS or lower, depending on the mobile phone network.

According to qualcomm’s propaganda, this chip is more save electricity, which means that the iPhone 6s has a longer battery life. In addition, compared with the iPhone 6/6 Plus, the iPhone 6s motherboard is narrower, means that the internal space is larger, we may see a greater capacity of the battery.

Samsung released the world’s most light, the thinnest of 4 TB mobile hard disk

Seagate’s Samsung hard disk sector also took out their new product — 2.5 inch 4 TB mobile hard disk, which is the most light and thin, in similar products.

Samsung launched the breath the two models, respectively called “M3 Portable” and “P3 Portable”, 2.5 “within the body of capacity to 4 TB at the same time, also need a USB 3.0 interface can meet the data and the power supply at the same time, without external power supply, for the first time in the industry.


The thickness of the two hard drives are only 19.8 mm, weight 235 grams. The M3 Portable some stronger robustness. It is reported, they are both used the five plate design, single disk capacity 800 gb.

As consumers to external storage capacity demand continues to grow, Samsung mobile hard disk M3 portable and P3 portable 4 TB hard disk in response, leading the future external hard drive capacity requirements.

Both will through authorized distributors listed at the end of June, the specific price not released.

ASUS “Transformers” case

Recently, before the opening of the Taipei Computer press conference, Asus unveiled a “Transformers” case , the case is Asus and IN WIN cooperation to create concept products, plus the ASUS ROG certification.

From Engadget provide dynamic map view, just click on the case provides the switch case will want the same deformation Transformers, surrounded by open cabinet, the internal parts displayed. In fact, the concept design is “closed” and “open” one-button switch, the bottom of the case with mechanical parts inside the case frame can be lifted automatically turn off when you shut case, very practical, not afraid of falling ash.

It is reported that the cabinet will meet wide to mass production, sale date, what price are still unknown. If the future really listed, to buy a collection of really good.

Win10 Build 10122 update instructions

Currently Microsoft officially to “Fast Ring” Windows 10 beta users push Build 10122 update of what has been different, we introduce a look through.

Because Win10 preview version number jump occurred, so this gap update version number is great, but there is not much new content. Joe also said North Peak Win10 kernel is nearing completion, therefore, will focus on the current Microsoft on the issue fixes and interface improvements.

Microsoft has released version Build 10122 update instructions, as follows (from livesino).

New features:

– Start Menu interface updates: file manager and other icons to move the lower left corner, there is a new Start menu options. Start Menu In tablet mode, the default away on the left column, you can click the button to expand Hamburg.

–Microsoft Edge: New Tab page, InPrivate private browsing mode, history view, the latest Chakra engine, reading View icon animation, sound player logo.

–Windows 10 default application process: All Windows 10 application (desktop or generic application) can not trigger the default application switch prompt, Windows 10 will automatically prompt and minimize noise.

– Redesigned Insider Hub: interface much like other common applications, as well as new achievements.

Fix problems include:

– Vision Problems exploitation menu Live Tiles on the performance should have improved.

–Microsoft Edge Ben collapse of repair.

– You can edit the IPv4 properties.

– In Settings> Updates & Security> for developers set when no longer crashes.

–Windows Update channel graphics driver installation to fail with error code 80070103.

– High DPI screen font rendering fuzzy fixes.

–Microsoft Edge keyboard shortcuts repair.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 appeared HTML5 test site

Although we have to wait until September to meet with the Samsung Galaxy Note in the next generation of products, recently we had news about this phone outflow. The latest is a message: The phone seems to have been carrying out the relevant test of HTML5.

屏幕快照 2015-05-11 上午7

Recently a device suspected Note 5 landed a HTML5 test site, and scored high marks 503. The aircraft, code-named Samsung ZenZero. HTML5test website main testing a specific mobile browser HTML5 is running fluency, and the final performance of this device Samsung ZenZero good.

In addition to the code, now we only know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may be configured with 5.4 or 5.5-inch display (or dual curved screen), while a new machine Galaxy Note 5 edge possible configurations allegedly 4K-level display other hardware are also expected to usher in a larger upgrade, then look forward to more news appears.

Sources said Nokia’s first mobile phone market to return next year

According to media reports, informed sources, Nokia’s first mobile phone market will return in the next year.

Informed sources said that Nokia plans to return to the mobile phone market is propelled by Nokia Technologies department. It is reported that, after the sale of the mobile phone business to Microsoft, Nokia only three businesses: Nokia solutions and network services (referred NSN), Here Maps and Nokia Technologies, which Nokia Technologies is one of the smallest of the three businesses. Nokia Technologies is famous because of the sector’s main business is currently in charge of Nokia’s authorized up to more than 10,000 patents.

Meanwhile, Nokia Technologies unlike other companies patent department work is limited to patents, Nokia Technologies is also responsible for their own design of new products and patents licensed to other companies. So far, the project carried out by a smaller scale. The department has just released two new products, as well as by others were applied Zlauncher OEM Android tablet N1 desktop theme launcher for Android.

Analysts believe that Nokia’s mobile phone market return does not mean the company will rebuild the large-scale manufacturing operations. Instead of using the Nokia N1 model, design their own products, and then licensed to other manufacturers design, production, sale and distribution by the latter using the Nokia brand.

Nokia quietly exploratory return phone consumer market news indeed surprised.

Top File Recovery Software

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Wondershare Data Recovery

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