Is iOS beginning to feel a bit stale for your taste? It’s something I’m hearing increasingly more as I speak to iOS individuals, or former iOS users. With some amazing Android phones hitting the market, it’s hard not to get caught examining out the competitors– or even feeling a bit urged to make the jump to Android. However before you make the modification, there are some kinks that should be exercised to make the procedure go as smoothly as possible. You likely have contacts, a calendar, photos, and music that you’ll wish to bring over to your new Android device. A few of these are going to be very simple to get transferred, while others are going to take some work. So sit down in front of your computer system, ideally with both devices, and let’s start.

This tutorial concentrates on moving music from an iPhone to an Android gadget utilizing an iPhone to Android transfer software – MobileTrans, with this user friendly software, you can move music from iPhone to Android with ease, no issue whether you have actually backed up tracks to PC or not. Moreover, if you have playlists in your iPhone, they will be copied at the same time.


1. Set up and run this iPhone to Android transfer tool

Connect your iPhone and Android phone to computer at same time (with USB cable).
Now, you ought to link both your phones to computer with USB cables. When they are connected, the Phone Transfer will identify iPhone as the place of “Source” while Android phone is “Destination”.

You can click the “Flip” button between the two phones to change the places of the phones.
Tap “Clear data before copy” if you desire to clear the destination phone before transfer.
2. Transfer songs from iPhone to Android.

Note: Please keep both your phones connected to the software throughout transferring.



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When you have purchased an Android mobile or a tablet so you need a method to get your pics, music, movies, or other things that you have on there, copied over to your Mac pc then you might use Android file transfer to copy files from Android phone to Mac computer. But lots of users discovered that it doesn’t work, Android file transfer is sickly.

These we recommend you a powerful Alternative for Android file transfer, by using it you are able to copy data between Android and Mac quickly and completely. Let’s check it out.


download mac version

Advice: If you are Windows users , download the Windows version.


Part 1: The primary feature of the Android file transfer alternative:

1. You can transfer all things on your Android smartphone to your Mac without any difficulty. Furthermore, you’ll be able to restore chosen or all backed-up data to Android mobile with one click.

2. You can move audio, picture and movie from Mac computer to Android phone with a single click. At the same time, you are able to straight copy music from iTunes to your Android smartphone, or transfer it from the cellphone to iTunes.

3. It is easy to text all of messages to any or all friends at one time from your computer.


Part 2: User review

1. The software is very easy to use. With the Android Manager for Mac, I can easily copy data from Android mobile to Mac pc and as well from Mac computer to android mobile. Really amazing! So quite simply it help me to copy text messages and simply about everything from my device to my pc!

2. This can be the best Android to Mac computer App in the world! I am on just day 1 of my 15 day trial but I am looking for my wallet as I type! It transferred my music with no glitches and allow me to look at the contents on my device easily. I recommend this application to everyone, I will be Tweeting and Facebooking the app to all of my friends, family and clients.



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There are number of business have streaming music service. You may take pleasure in lot of audio online free of charge. Moreover, you can purchase tracks for playing on you music player as you like. However, exactly what if you actually like a song but you cannot get the buy link, how to download it since it is streamed music file. Most services depend on Flash or JavaScript to obfuscate URLs and make it challenging, though not difficult, to download the actual files.

I got an additional simple option for that. Rather of getting the download link, you can record it while playing it. So, exactly what’s the very best streaming recorder tool? At this site, I recommend Wondershare streaming recorder. It can record music from YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Napster, Rhapsody, Grooveshark and more, and conserve them as MP3 files. (See a example of exactly how to transform Grooveshark to mp3).
As a professional streaming recorder, it offers a number of useful features:

1. Wisely recognize track and search infos like artist, album cover & name immediately. You can also put in MP3 tags by hand.

2. Split tracks between songs and filter out advertisements while recording. All we understand, the cost-free streaming music typically insert voice ADs in between 2 tunes. This tool will eliminate it automatically and you get songs that you desire nothing else.

3. Add the recorded songs to your iTunes Library. If you are a iTunes users, this feature will be very useful for you, simply click the audio that you desire and send to your iTunes library.
Sounds good? Get it a shot. It’s free for recording, but you should pay ($19.00) if you wish to use above excellent features. The good news is I got the coupon code for Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder (save $5.70 USD for you. Now just$13.30 USD.).



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How to Backup Galaxy S2/S3

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Intend to backup the contents on Galaxy S2/S3 to PC for panic that you might lose them by misstake? Well, it’s a good thing to take precautions beforehand. But, doing Galaxy backup and restore is not as easy as pie with Samsung kies. You need a more professional third-party software to assist you.


If you’re Windows user, we recommend you to try Wondershare MobileTrans, and it stands out simply because of its very good performance. With this software, you could backup SMS, music, images, videos, contacts, apps, call logs on your Galaxy to the pc by one click . Using software, you can also switch all of these contents from the old cellphone to the new one directly.


download win version

If you’re Mac users, we recommend Wondershare MobileGo for Android (Mac), it is a good Android Manager for Mac, it is easy to backup and restore data using it effortlessly.

download mac version


And the read the simple tutorial to find out how to backup and restore your Samsung Galaxy S2/S3 (Windows version).


Firstly, connect the cellphone to pc through usb cable.


1. Backup data from Samsung Galaxy to computer

Get to the backup mode by clicking “Back up Your Phone” option in the home page. You could backup the needed contents to the pc, such as contacts, sms messages, call logs, movie, music, photos, app, etc. Pick the items you need to backup and press “Start Copy” option.


2. Restore from pc to Samsung Galaxy

Go to the the restore mode by simply clicking “Restore from Backups” in home-page. Choose a backup file format from the drop down list. When you select the preserved backup file that you’d like to restore to your mobile, press “Start Copy” to move the data from the backup file to your Samsung phone. It is not only works with backup copies created through Mobiletrans, but also compatible with backups created through other software, such as iTunes and BlackBerry Desktop Suite.



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Nowadays, many people use their Android smart phone or tablets instead for digital camera. Taking pictures on your Samsung is much more easy than carrying an additional camera. But what happens if you damaged or lost your mobile? Don’t you like to save the images on the computer as a data backup? And also get some lovely photos from the personal computer as phone screen, how could you import them to your phone?

If your computer runs Windows OS, while using Phone Transfer, you can finish the pics transferring between phone and pc quickly. Not only will it make it easier to transfer images as well as other data from your Samsung to PC, can also transfer data from one phone to another.


download win version

If your computer runs Mac OS, with the Android manager for Mac, It will not just enable you to transfer pics from your Samsung Galaxy to your PC, can also erase all pics on your mobile in batch.

download mac version


Two steps to transfer pictures/videos from Samsung Galaxy to pc


Step 1: Start the program and then connect Galaxy to computer

After downloading and installing Mobile Transfer software on the computer, run it. Connect your Samsung phone to computer with USB cable. This program will quickly identify your phone, them choose the “Backup Your Phone” mode in the main page.


Step 2: Begin to transfer photos/videos from Galaxy to pc

Then you’re in the backup page, mark “Photos” /”Videos” in the catalog, and hit “Start Copy” to begin transferring pictures from your phone to pc. And you can also transfer other items such as contacts, text messages, audio and so on. from the Galaxy phone to your pc if you like .

photos to mac

Really easy, right?



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It is well known, by default, iPhone contacts are reserved in your iPhone’s memory card, not in the SIM Card. If you have actually just upgraded to a new iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c from an older iPhone, transferring your data including contacts, SMS, images, and more couldn’t be convenient. Try Wondershare MobileTrans. It is specifically made to transfer contacts between mobile. With its help, you have the ability to transfer contacts directly from your old iPhone to the new one.


Just read the quick guide


Step 1. Connect the two phones to the computer

Connect both the two phones to your computer through USB cables all at once. This program will spot the two phones and show them at the location of “Source” and “Destination” in the primary window. If you need to change the Source phone with the Destination phone, click on “Flip”.


Step 2. Move contacts from the old iPhone to the new one

By default, This software allows you to move contacts, text messages, images, videos, albums, music between 2 iPhones. Therefore, get rid of marks before text messages, videos, photos and music if you choose to only copy contacts.

Then, click “Start Copy” to begin to copy contacts. Keep both of your iPhones connected throughout the entire process. When the transfer is finished, you must click “OK” to finish this contacts transferring.


Tip: Under the new iPhone (“destination” phone), there is “Clear data before copy”. By ticking it off, you are capable of clearing contacts on new iPhone to conserve the contacts from the old one.

With Wondershare MobileTrans, it’s extremely easy to move contacts between iPhones, right?



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Just as the data storage principle of hard disk drive, pictures and videos caught by your Galaxy or got with a phone are stored in device’s SD memory card. When you eliminate pictures or format your device, those deleted images or videos are not be erased actually, they are still there, in another type that is hidden and not reachable. The place where they originally occupied will be noted as empty area and wait for new data taking in. Hence, when you removed photos on your Galaxy by careless, first of all you should do is avoiding to use your cellphone to get or capture new photos to avoid the misplaced pictures from getting overwritten from the new ones. Get a qualified data recovery program for the Android phone to retrieve these kinds of deleted pics right away.

You could have a try with my recommendation: Wondershare Dr.fone for Android (Windows), which benefits with full capability retrieve lost or deleted images, videos, tunes, sms messages, contacts and even more from Android os based mobile phones and tablets. With it, you can easlily recover what you want from Galaxy without removing the SD card from your device. It will perform a deep scan on your mobile phone’s internal memory and exterior storage drive.


Download windows version here

For Mac users, we suggest Wondershare Photo Recovery for Mac, with it you can not only recover images, video and audio files from your Android device, but can recover them from Mac computer, camera and other handset storage devices.

Download mac version here


detailed step to restore pictures & vidoes from Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5 (For Windows user)


Firstly, Download, set up and launch the program on the computer. Connect your Android phone to the pc.


Step 1: Enable USB debugging

If your device can be detected by the software, you can straight skip to the next step. If not, you should to enable USB debugging on the Samsung phone at first.

There are 3 different ways to complete this work for different Android OS following:

1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter “Settings” < Hit “Applications” < Click “Development” < Check “USB debugging”

2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Get into “Settings” < Click “Developer options” < Check “USB debugging”

3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter “Settings” < Press “About Phone” < Tap “Build number” for several times until getting a note “You are under developer mode” < Back to “Settings” < Click “Developer options” < Check “USB debugging”


Step 2: Analyze and scan your Device

Following the smartphone being detected by the software , please click button “Start” to start the files analysis. End analyzing, go to your phone and hit “Allow”, as well, hit the “Start” tab in the pc once. For you to go to the the third step .

Tip: The “Allow” button sometimes can look several times, click on it till it disappears. Do not be panic if this happens on your phone.


Step 3: Recover misplaced videos and photos from Samsung Galaxy

All scanned results is going to be organized by file types(including SMS, Contacts, pictures, Videos). You can select gallery and video files to preview in the right windows, and then hit “Recover” to store them on your computer.



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There has been cases when files on your Samsung phones or other devices (tablets, I pads, Androids etc) was mistakenly deleted, the files like pictures, messages, contact, music and video can still be retrieved by following the steps that will be highlighted later. Now, you observed there has been missing of some of your files you might panic and this might make you make some decision that might make you overwrite the information on your device. At that moment stop what you are doing so as not to overwrite the information because that will make the loss permanent. You must stop because all your files are still intact on your device so you don’t want to complicate the issue by overwritten it The next step is to get android data recovery (works on all Samsung android phones/tablet). These tools are very powerful tools or software to recover your videos, music, messages even contacts on your Samsung phones or your device.
Steps to recover your Files:

Step 1. Download Android data recovery  on your PC. Install and run it. Connect this to your Samsung phone via your USB cable.

Step 2. It will notice an hardware attached to it (your phone/device), this will need to enable USB debugging on your phone so it can be detected by the software. Then you have to choose the right way for it to work on your android device. These are the available versions and their debugging

a. Android 2.3 or earlier: Setting >>Application>>Development>>USB debugging

b. Android 3.0 to 4.1: Setting>>Developer option>>USB debugging

c. 4.2 or latest: Setting>>About phone>>Click “Build number” over and over till you receive this message ‘You are under developer mode’ Then go back to Settings>>Click “Developer option”>>USB debugging
Step 3. After step 2, your device must now have been detected by the software so you will now click “start button” to start a thorough analysis of your phone. Click “Allow” on your phone to allow the analytic tools to perform on your phone.
Step 4. After the whole analysis which might take some minutes, it will bring a lot of data which you need to choose the ones you wants recovered. Click all deleted files (pictures, videos, music etc) and click recover. So you have all your files back.
Note: Make sure you have charge your Samsung phone/device well before doing data recovery

Still thinking that mobile phones are just basic communication devices? May be you’ve not had an opportunity to interact with smartphones. Smartphones are more than just communication devices. Most smartphones are designed to provide advanced data processing capabilities to users. In simple terms, your smartphone can accomplish most of the tasks that your desktop or laptop computer can accomplish.

All smartphones can be converted into data stores. Photos, videos, documents, text messages, call logs, email messages, and contacts are popular examples of valuable data that people store on their phones. In the event that your phone gets lost, stolen or breaks, you can lose a lot of valuable data. Hence, there is need for a backup solution. Most smartphone platforms provide for easy backup solutions of any kind of data stored on the device. Let’s discuss the available android phone backup solutions.

Manual Backup

This is the simplest and the most basic backup solution. It involves transferring data like photos, video and documents between your smartphone and your computer. The smartphone must be connected to the PC via a USB cable. If your data is stored on a micro-SD card, you can opt to pluck it out of your phone and insert it into your PC. For Mac users, they need Android File Transfer tool installed on their computer.

Google Sync

Google has done an excellent job in providing a full android phone backup solution. With Google Sync, one can backup virtually every bit of data on their android smartphone, including things like app data and wifi passwords.

The process to Google sync is simple. You just go to Settings > Personal > Accounts > Google, then check everything that you would like to sync. On completing the process, a copy of all your valuable data will be stored on the remote and secure Google servers. You can restore the data from your account on any other device.

Third Party Backup Solutions

You might find that Google sync doesn’t backup all your important data such as game levels, SMS/ MMS messages, playlists, alarms, etc. This is where you should use third party software. The software schedules regular backups from your phone to either a remote server or your micro-SD card. A popular android phone backup app is MyBackup Pro.

You can also opt for third party software if you find manual backup or Google sync cumbersome. Moreover, third party software that does automatic data backup whenever you connect your smartphone to your PC is available.

Finally, there are other advanced backup solutions. For instance, Google Photos, Google+ (for photos), Google Drive (for documents and files), Google music and Picasa are popular solutions to android phone backup.